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WinRichCopy WinRichCopy

"WinRichCopy" is an C# .Net free utility that was first developed in June 2011. It's a multithreaded copying tool.

That means that WinRichCopy devides file on multiple parts and opens multiple threads simultaneously to copy them in parallel. In case of slow network, this way WinRichCopy cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times over.

WinRichCopy is designed to help people who copy huge files between storage devices directly or indirectly over the network by accelerating copy performance and shorten the time people has to spend for file copy operation.

Development enviroment C#, .Net, Windows.

WinRichCopy is available in the Sorceforge.




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August 1, 2011
Publishing open source application WinRichCopy on Sorceforge Net.

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