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MigraineMate Project
CLIENT: MentorMate LLC
FROM:16 November 2009
TO:16 March 2010 First Release
USED:Mac OS, Xcode 3.2, iPhone SDK 2.0-3.1, Objective C, SQLite, Flurry, Clang, SVN


"MigraineMade" is an iPhone application. It calculates the probability of a migraine based on current and historical weather data. It is location-aware, retrieving data for the current location of the user at start-up. The application allows the user to designate and store a personal "migraine status" everyday, which is tracked against the gathered weather data. The user is also provided with a graphical representation of how the changes in various aspects of the weather affect their migraine pain.

MigraineMate uses 3 Weather cast services (Forecast, Current and History Weather Data). Based on provided data it calculates the personal “Pain Status”. Saved data is stored locally, and can be used for further calculation and presentation. To achieve this functionality MigraineMate is build on commonly used and powerful software architecture known as Model–View–Controller (MVC). The data for whether and “pain status” are stored in SQLite database. The data access object (DAO) design pattern is used for data access and manipulation. In addition to the common representation technique MigraineMate uses embed web content to represent data in “Migraine Log” tab.

MigraineMate is available in the Apple Application Store.


The project involved a team of up to 2 professionals’ project leader and senior developer.


I was involved in this project from the beginning as an analyst, architect, system designer, senior developer. During this period I was responsible to analyze requirements, design system architecture, and define patterns and frameworks to use in the development.

    I was responsible for:
  • Analyze requirements and design system architecture, write technical and user documentation.
  • Design of the database structure.
  • System implementation, deployment and test. All procedures in Apple development portal and Apple Store where my responsibility. For static analyzes of the project Clang was used.
  • Support (Flurry library was included in the implementation for analyzing client experience and support)

In project work SQLite, Objective C, iPhone sdk 2.0-3.1, Flurry, XML/XSLT, HTML, CSS and JS where used. Mac Os, Xcode 3.2 was used for development and design. iPhone Simulator was used for testing. Clang was used for static analyses of the project.

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