ISSP office Iordan Zahariev Iordanov
"Zapaden Park" bl.31, app.7
1373, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Job Management
Job Managemente Design
Job Management is a system for organization of Data Communication Infrastructure between 2 or more distant bisiness offices. It organize and support file and RDBMS data synchronization. Files are synchronized via Check In/Out and/or Auto Synch over FTP or VPN and Web-Service accessed Control Data. RDBMS (MySql) tables synchronized via Database Replication over VPN and Web-Service accessed Control Data. The main customer needs is to have offline availability of business documents and data with actual content.

Database data are synchronized using Database Replication. File Systems - synchronized using File FTP/Copy. The Job Management system support version and access control, over both types of data.

The system includes distributed MySQL Based database systems. Windows services for Direct Access to main data and QA Item Level Data - best performance. Web Service access to the control data - to ensure consistency of the control flows on both sides and Win Forms.

Development enviroment
Windows, Linux, .Net, C#, MySQL, SQL, MVC.

My key responsibilities
I was part of complete process of analyzing customer needs, architecture, design and development of the Job Management system.

This include design and development of database structure. Distributed architecture organization and implementation. I was part of design and development of data access and administration modules (Services and GUI).

Used tools: Visual Studio 2008/2010, MySQL Workbench, Toad for MySQL, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, UMLet 11.3, Text Pad.

ET Zaro projects

02.2011 - present eDataFlex® family
Cloud-based Margin Optimizer
Catalog Connect
Pricing Service

07.2011 - EDC
Excel Data Converter.

04. - 06.2011 - JM
Job Management.

06.2010 - 03.2011 - TSDW
Trade Service Data Warehouse.