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Trade Service Data Warehouse
Trade Service Data Warehouse Design
Trade Service Data Warehouse was build on hybrid data modeling aproach that combines Kimball and Data Vault Data Model. This allow a combination of bottom-up and top-down approach for building and storing data. We started Bottom-Up and building data warehouse, metadata and basic data marts (Search and Change). On a specific information request a new data marts will be generated (Top-Down). Trade Service Data Warehouse design is flexible, scalable, consistent and adaptable.
Trade Service Data Warehouse
Smart architecture build width:
  • Data Packs — data stored in manageably sized and compressed data packs that forms Data Warehouse base data store.
  • Knowledge Grid — statistics and metadata “describing” the compressed data. They are created automatically as data loaded. Height availability using db cluster, compressed to reduce storage and flexible (forms open architecture).
  • Data Marts — specific, subject oriented, repository of data designed to answer specific questions for a specific set of users. Multiple data marts serving the needs of marketing, sales, operations, collections, etc. Data mart usually is organized as one dimensional model as a star-schema (OLAP cube) made of a fact table and multiple dimension tables.
  • Mastering — an automation data management module responsible for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data in Data Warehouse. It widely using a parallel data calculation for faster processing.
  • Data Access — receive query, iterates over the Knowledge Grid and determine query results.
  • Monitoring — Runtime monitor all process and data modules.

Trade Service Data Warehouse Development enviroment
Windows, Linux, .Net, C#, MySQL Cluster,Oracle 8, Oracle 10, SQL, PLSQL, MVC.

My key responsibilities
I was part of complete process of analyzing customer needs, architecture, design and development of the Trade Service Data Warehouse.

This include design and development of database structure. Cloud architecture organization, implementation, instalation and test. The Mastering and Monitoring modules where my personal responsibility. I was part of design and development of data access and administration modules.

Used tools: Visual Studio 2008/2010, MySQL Workbench, Toad for MySQL, Beyond Compare 2, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, UMLet 11.3, Text Pad.

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04. - 06.2011 - JM
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06.2010 - 03.2011 - TSDW
Trade Service Data Warehouse.