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MentorMate Bulgaria Ltd.
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MentorMate Logo In 2001, Björn Stansvik founded MentorMate in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MentorMate began developing educational software products, but soon grew into a custom application development company, creating diverse and unique software products for a variety of clients.

MentorMate launched iQpakk, a mobile educational software application, in 2003. The following year, Century College (the largest community college in Minnesota) began using the iQpakk mobile Learning Content Management system. Century College serves an adult student population with busy schedules and mobile lifestyles.

The addition of several well-known clients in 2005 (including the Minnesota Department of Human Services, TCF Bank, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Amana Appliances) allowed MentorMate to expand its horizons beyond the educational arena and become an experienced custom application development company.

MentorMate has continued to grow. In just eight years, MentorMate has gone from a small start-up to a rapidly-growing global I.T. solutions company with a diverse client base.

MentorMate is now headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and maintains an office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our global presence supports continuous development efforts and a multiplicity of talents and viewpoints. Our ongoing commitment to our clients' satisfaction has allowed MentorMate to establish a strong tradition of excellence and to anticipate a future of continuing growth.
Last Projects

16.11.2009-present MigraineMade
iPhone Application Development. "MigraineMade" is an iPhone application. It connects with Location and Weather services to collect data. Based on them it callculates and store forecast and stastistical data about person pain status. Development enviroment Aple, MacOs, xCode, iPhone SDK and Objective-C.

01.11.2009-15.11.2009 Flex

15.10. - 30.10.2009 - Search America
Software Information System - search engin. Web interface based on pure Java6/JSP, Hibernate.