ISSP office Iordan Zahariev Iordanov
"Zapaden Park" bl.31, app.7
1373, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359-887-560059
Institute for Parallel Processing - Bulgaria Academy of Science
IPP Logo Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 25-A
Sofia, Bulgaria

BSW office The Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP) is one of the leading scientific institutions in the area of Mathematical Sciences of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

IPP carries out fundamental and applied research mainly in the fields of Computer Science and Communication Technologies.

Besides the BAS planned research activities, IPP performs scientific research by national and international contracts, education of PhD and MSc students, qualification courses for specialists, young researchers and students. It has a leading role in organizing prestigious scientific events in different directions of Computer Science and Communication Technologies.

The Institute is an active participant in a number of EC scientific programs TEMPUS, COPERNICUS, FP5, FP6, FR&, as well as in the scientific programs of NATO, Volkswagen Foundation, US National Science Foundation, the National Science Foundation of Switzerland, etc.. IPP is in active collaboration with lots of EU research institutions, as well as with universities and scientific units in Germany, Great Britain, France, Finland, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Japan, etc.
Since 2001 the Institute is internationally recognized as Center of Excellence in ICT.