ISSP office Iordan Zahariev Iordanov
"Zapaden Park" bl.31, app.7
1373, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: 359 887 560059
Welcome to my page!
BSW office My name is Iordan Iordanov.

I am IT professional with 12+ years of experience working on various software projects.

Extensive experience in various software/IT areas and positions including projects and team leading, software design, development, documentation, testing, R&D, IT science work and teaching.

  • Java 2/J2EE - Multi-tier enterprise architectures design and development, Pattern Language utilization. Implementation of Advanced WEB and Client-Server solutions.
  • Oracle 8 to 11g, MySQL, SQLite - Database design. Client software solutions implementation
  • C/C++/Objective C - Extensive experience on Windows, UNIX and MAC OS platforms
  • Mobile - Application Development for mobile platforms – iPhone/iPod
  • PHP - Web and Client-Server development
  • Microsoft - Web and Client-Server development with MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio 2008, C#, Visual Basic 6, ASP.NET, VBA.
  • Networking - Internet paradigm and core technologies in IP-based inter-network. Architecture and principles of the future network - information-centric (content-based) communication paradigm.
  • Distributed System - Investigation of software architecture, models and patterns for grid and cloud computers, Pattern Language and “Visual Architecture Process”.

August 1, 2011
Publishing open source application WinRichCopy on Sorceforge Net.

Blog Post
20 July 2011 - Publishing RitchTextBox Drag & Drop from RTF and HTML Originators.

5 July 2011 - Publishing Read data from Microsoft Excel using Microsoft Visual C# .NET.

1 July 2011 - Starting my personal blog.

April 12, 2010
Publishing a blog post on MentorMate site.

March 27, 2010
Publishing a blog post on MentorMate site

March 16, 2010
MentorMate launches a new free iPhone application called "MigraineMate" that can be used to track and graph migraines against current weather data.

March 08, 2010
Publishing a blog post on MentorMate site

November 05-06, 2009
Participation in "Fifth International Conference - Computer Science'2009" Sofia, Bulgaria.

May 28, 2009
Presentation of "Design and Modeling of Cloud Services" paper on Third International Conference "INFORMATION SYSTEMS & GRID TECHNOLOGIES".